Monday, January 26, 2015

It's been a while.

So I haven't posted in what seems like forever and I want to make up for that. A lot has happened in the last several months: pregnancy, home ownership, and other stuff.

We found out I was pregnant in August. Now, only a couple months away from my due date, I guess I can blog about it. I am due April 3rd with a little boy. Yes, we have a name picked out...................wait for it........................ Penny's little brother will be named Colin Randy Boivie. Little Colin has already proven to be a little stinker, even more so than his sister. He is always moving around and beating me up from the inside out, and always seems to do this at night or in the middle of the night. He also feels much bigger than Penny was. Let's hope he doesn't take after the Hohmann side-- my dad was 11 lbs when he was born, and that doesn't sound pleasant to push out at all. But no matter how big he is, as long as he is healthy, I will be okay.

Pregnancy round two has been quite the adventure. Something you don't know with your first pregnancy is that your body is still holding on to its pre-pregnancy muscles and stuff, so even though you still don't feel normal, you are as close as it will get ever again. My body has let itself go for round two. I didn't have any leakage or much pain with my first, but now my body has unleashed itself. There is more pain, less control, and more weight gain this time. I am at the stage where I literally peed a minute ago and have to run back to the bathroom to pee again. My belly is a lot bigger than it was the first time as well, so I already feel like I am 9 months pregnant. You'd think that since you've already been stretched out, the round ligament pain wouldn't be as bad, but it is actually worse. Makes no sense. Sometimes when I sit on the floor, I dread trying to get up because I know my old-lady-pregnant hips are going to kill me. I think my body will probably fall apart during my next pregnancy, if it doesn't happen before then. For now, I can still pick Penny up and cuddle with her, even though she seems to think my belly is a great place to sit. That won't be happening long. Hopefully the next two months won't be too bad. Only a short time until we get to meet little Colin!

Next topic! We bought a house! Our ward is fantastic, our neighborhood is fantastic, and our house is fantastic. It sure beats living in an apartment. It feels like home already, and we've only been here a couple months. Even though Scott has to drive 20 minutes to work every day, it is worth it. We love having a house. Springville is just lovely as well. It is not too big, but close enough to the big cities around us.

As for the "other stuff" I mentioned earlier, there isn't much else going on in our lives. We are just hanging out. Penny and I go to the library often and take walks often while daddy is at work. Penny is learning how to color and she absolutely loves that. We have dance parties in the front room to get out wiggles and we watch Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas all the time. Seriously though, what 16 1/2 month old loves those movies? Penny, apparently. She is a little weirdo. She still isn't saying a lot of real words, but she loves imitating animal noises and talking gibberish. She loves animals now, which is a huge improvement since she used to be terrified of them. She is also starting to sleep in most mornings, which is much appreciated by Scott and me. She loves Hostess mini powdered donuts and double cheeseburgers from McDonalds, but don't worry, she doesn't eat those all the time. It is so fun to watch her develop and learn, and she certainly has a personality of her own. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to Colin, since sharing mommy may be a problem.

Scott is doing really well at work. He gets really good customer reviews, positive escalations, and generally has a good rep. He is in college planning now instead of regular service at Fidelity which he is enjoying much more. Since it is tax season, he has to work overtime, and even though that makes for long days and weeks, but that will end in April. Just in time for baby!

This year is going to be just as exciting as next year. Maybe I will be better at blogging, but I make no promises.

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