Monday, January 26, 2015

It's been a while.

So I haven't posted in what seems like forever and I want to make up for that. A lot has happened in the last several months: pregnancy, home ownership, and other stuff.

We found out I was pregnant in August. Now, only a couple months away from my due date, I guess I can blog about it. I am due April 3rd with a little boy. Yes, we have a name picked out...................wait for it........................ Penny's little brother will be named Colin Randy Boivie. Little Colin has already proven to be a little stinker, even more so than his sister. He is always moving around and beating me up from the inside out, and always seems to do this at night or in the middle of the night. He also feels much bigger than Penny was. Let's hope he doesn't take after the Hohmann side-- my dad was 11 lbs when he was born, and that doesn't sound pleasant to push out at all. But no matter how big he is, as long as he is healthy, I will be okay.

Pregnancy round two has been quite the adventure. Something you don't know with your first pregnancy is that your body is still holding on to its pre-pregnancy muscles and stuff, so even though you still don't feel normal, you are as close as it will get ever again. My body has let itself go for round two. I didn't have any leakage or much pain with my first, but now my body has unleashed itself. There is more pain, less control, and more weight gain this time. I am at the stage where I literally peed a minute ago and have to run back to the bathroom to pee again. My belly is a lot bigger than it was the first time as well, so I already feel like I am 9 months pregnant. You'd think that since you've already been stretched out, the round ligament pain wouldn't be as bad, but it is actually worse. Makes no sense. Sometimes when I sit on the floor, I dread trying to get up because I know my old-lady-pregnant hips are going to kill me. I think my body will probably fall apart during my next pregnancy, if it doesn't happen before then. For now, I can still pick Penny up and cuddle with her, even though she seems to think my belly is a great place to sit. That won't be happening long. Hopefully the next two months won't be too bad. Only a short time until we get to meet little Colin!

Next topic! We bought a house! Our ward is fantastic, our neighborhood is fantastic, and our house is fantastic. It sure beats living in an apartment. It feels like home already, and we've only been here a couple months. Even though Scott has to drive 20 minutes to work every day, it is worth it. We love having a house. Springville is just lovely as well. It is not too big, but close enough to the big cities around us.

As for the "other stuff" I mentioned earlier, there isn't much else going on in our lives. We are just hanging out. Penny and I go to the library often and take walks often while daddy is at work. Penny is learning how to color and she absolutely loves that. We have dance parties in the front room to get out wiggles and we watch Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas all the time. Seriously though, what 16 1/2 month old loves those movies? Penny, apparently. She is a little weirdo. She still isn't saying a lot of real words, but she loves imitating animal noises and talking gibberish. She loves animals now, which is a huge improvement since she used to be terrified of them. She is also starting to sleep in most mornings, which is much appreciated by Scott and me. She loves Hostess mini powdered donuts and double cheeseburgers from McDonalds, but don't worry, she doesn't eat those all the time. It is so fun to watch her develop and learn, and she certainly has a personality of her own. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to Colin, since sharing mommy may be a problem.

Scott is doing really well at work. He gets really good customer reviews, positive escalations, and generally has a good rep. He is in college planning now instead of regular service at Fidelity which he is enjoying much more. Since it is tax season, he has to work overtime, and even though that makes for long days and weeks, but that will end in April. Just in time for baby!

This year is going to be just as exciting as next year. Maybe I will be better at blogging, but I make no promises.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our most recent shenanigans

So it has been a while since I last posted... apologies, dear readers. I find blogging regularly difficult while taking care of a rambunctious, attention-seeking almost-one-year-old girl. That's right, I said it. Almost one year old. How did that even happen? In a little over a month, Penelope Olivia Boivie will be one. I didn't give her permission to grow up; I would rather her stay a baby forever and ever--as long as she started sleeping through the night.. but don't get me started on that trial of mine.

Penny has been taking 6-7 steps at a time and then falling over. She is so close to walking: she just needs to learn how to balance a little better. Crawling has improved; sometimes she even crawls normally (she usually does a weird crawl). She also converses with us. We ask her questions or just talk to her and she answers with "bub" or "fop" or anything else that she thinks pertains to the conversation. Even when I'm nursing her, she will stop, look at me, just say her one syllable two cents, and go back to eating. Obviously what she has to say is very important. Her "talking" is extremely cute-- especially since she looks so serious when she does it.  I've been trying to get her to say actual words. She will say "mom" or "mamamama" when she wants me, and she occasionally says "dad" when Scott is around, but that is about it. When we play with the ball, I slowly say, "ball" but she just looks at me and smiles. Everything is funny to her right now; and unfortunately that also means "no" is funny too. Whenever I say no, she smiles or laughs and does whatever she is doing wrong again. This is very frustrating at times. She used to listen, but now she definitely doesn't. Oh well... she will again someday... I think. I love her so much! Here is a pic of Penny right after we got her ears pierced. What a ham.

Anyway, the past three months we have been living in the Utah valley. I really like it here, which is surprising because I didn't want to live in Utah at all before I got married. Being close to so many things is nice, but I miss my small town of Rexburg. I lived in Rexburg for almost six years, so I've grown to love it. Plus, it harbors many of my fondest memories. I met some of my best friends there, I met Scott there, and we had Penny there. I'm a very sentimental person so moving away was hard. At least we are close to it. I also have a few friends who live in the area that I'm super stoked to live by, so we aren't alone. Scott has also made a couple friends at work.

Scott is working at Fidelity Investments in American Fork. He absolutely loves it and I'm so glad that he finally has a job he enjoys. He passed his series 7 and 63 tests which were extremely difficult, and now he is just training and helping customers on the phones. I'm so grateful for his sacrifice and the amount of hard work he put in to being successful with his series 7 and 63. He works so hard to take care of our little family. We got incredibly blessed that Scott was able to find a career right after graduating college! He loves what he does and he has several career options from where he is now, so that is nice.
We are happily enjoying real adult life out of college, even though it is still weird to think about. I don't feel like a grown up, but I'm a stay at home mom of an 11 month old and my husband has a 8-5 job. We pay bills and rent, but I still don't feel grown up. I probably won't ever feel that way, but I guess that's just how it is. Now here are some cute pictures of Penny to end on.

 She LOVES pulling down all the DVDs. I probably put them back up at least 3 times a day.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My dad.

Hang in there, this one is a long one.

 I can't believe it is already 2014. Already March, for that matter. Our little girl will be 6 months old tomorrow. She is already sitting up, refusing to stay on her tummy (always rolls off) and loving talking (babababababababa). She is such a sweet little spirit with a huge personality and has a little bit of an attitude already. I had no clue that babies could have attitudes at this age, but Penny is proof that they sure can. She is so fun and bubbly and keeps Scott and I entertained constantly. We love her so much and we are so grateful for her happiness and cuteness. :)

This year was really rough from the beginning, as many of you know. My dad, Randy Hohmann, passed away on January 21st. It was a real shock to everyone because we didn't know there was anything wrong with his health (we may have suspected it, but he always denied it). I got the phone call from the hospital in Rockford that he was in critical condition in the ICU, fighting cardiac arrest. The doctor kept telling me he was very sick but it didn't register that this was probably the end. I kept thinking he would pull through. After frantic calls to my twin sister Bre, my mom, and various family members, my brother Casey told me that what the doctor said didn't sound good. That is when it finally hit me that I would probably lose my dad. Casey was on his way to Rockford since he was closest when I got the phone call from Bre that my dad had passed. 

I don't think I've ever felt that much emotional pain in my entire life. I lost my grandmother when I was 16 which was extremely devastating (and still is), but somehow this was even more excruciating. No more phone calls, no more visits, no more hearing his voice. There are many things that go through your mind when someone you love so much dies--especially a parent-- and one of those things is guilt. I felt guilty for so many things... not calling him or visiting him more often and not telling him I loved him enough. I told him I loved him every time I would talk to him on the phone, but somehow that doesn't seem like enough when I can't do it anymore. It hurts so much that I can't ever hear him say "I love you, pudy" or "Give that little Penny kisses for me" in this life. I won't ever go fishing with him or listen to music from the 50s and 60s with him again. I can't ever spend countless evenings watching movies with him, laughing and telling him to go to sleep when he starts to snore half way through. No more over-an-hour talks on the phone, talking about anything and everything. Through his big, warm hugs I could feel how much he loved me, and I won't be able to feel that again on this earth. Oh how I miss those chuckles, long talks on the phone, and hugs. I miss them so much.

There are a lot of things that I felt in the short hours after my dad died, and those were just a few. Penny and I drove from Idaho to Denver where I met up with my sister, Bre. It was so nice being with my twin, one of my best friends, who was going through the same thing. Somehow, through all the pain, we were able to laugh and enjoy our time  together, driving up to Illinois to prepare the funeral and sort through other things. I was so grateful for my other family members who were there for us and who also loved my dad just as much as we did. The funeral was beautiful-- my sister Heather played "Let it Be" by the Beatles on her viola, which my dad would have loved. There were so many people from work that came, telling me and Bre how much they liked my dad and that all he talked about was us. I also loved seeing all my Hohmanns... we don't get to see them very often and I am so grateful that they are so loving and amazing. The funeral was wonderful, but also very hard at the same time. Saying goodbye was difficult. 

I took my dad for granted. Whenever I talked to him, he always asked if there was anything I needed help with, so willing to do anything for me. He always said he had six kids, not just two; he loved all of his six kids so much, as he would frequently tell me. He also loved my childhood friends and talked about them and how they were all "sweet ladies." I could talk to my dad about anything for hours, and I wish I wouldn't have taken that for granted. I should have told him how much I appreciated him. I wish I could have told him how much I loved and love him. There are so many things I wish I could say to him, but I can't right now.

I regret so many things, but I am also grateful for so many things. I am grateful for the example that my dad set for me. I am so thankful that he loved me so much and was such a great man. I am so happy that my dad was able to see me get married. I am glad I sent my dad so many pictures and videos of Penny. I am glad I even Skyped with him minutes after Penny was born. I am so thankful that Scott, Penny, and I were able to go visit him this past Christmas. I am so thankful that I married someone that my dad approved of, and my dad was grateful for that too. He always said he was glad that I married Scott because he knew Scott would take care of me. He even told Scott how much he liked him and how much he appreciated him. I am so glad that he was able to meet Penny. I know Penny won't remember meeting her grandpa, but we have pictures of Grandpa Randy holding Penny during Christmas. Oh how Grandpa loved Penny. 

I am thankful that as a member of the LDS church, I know that I will be able to see him again, but that doesn't numb the pain. It does make it more tolerable, but I still feel an emptiness in my heart for my dad. I don't think anything will fill that void, but I know that I will be able to be with my dad again. Nothing in the world would have prepared me for this, but at least I know that my family now has a guardian angel. He was always so worried about my safety, and I am sure he still is. I hope he can see how Penny is growing up, and I hope he is chilling with my future children, taking care of them for me until they come to earth. I love you so, so much, Dad. I wish I could say it to you and hear you say it back, but I know you love me too.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time flies!

It has been quite some time since I have written. I find myself having to prioritize my activities when caring for a baby. Usually sleep and food come before cleaning, showering, and blogging... and basically everything else when Penny is napping. Time flies so quickly when there is a baby in the picture. I can't believe that she is already 4 months old!

So a lot has happened since last time I wrote. Thanksgiving came and went-- we spent it with Scott's family. Spending time with them was lovely; I really lucked out with my in-laws. During their visit, Penny got blessed along with her 19-day-younger cousin, Erik. Here is a picture of that:

My mom and Oren were able to make it to the blessing, and I am so grateful for that. She is the one  that made Penny's beautiful little dress! Also during Thanksgiving, Scott's aunt, Krista, also took some family pictures of us:

As you can see, Penny was sick of taking pictures and Erik was concerned for her well-being. Penny is very much a mommy-daddy girl and is happiest in her bubble. Too much commotion and she gets overwhelmed and unhappy. When it is just Scott, me and her at home, she is always happy, laughing, and smiling. She also refuses to take a bottle which can be very frustrating-- I wish I could leave her for more than 3 hours at a time so I could go on a date with my husband occasionally! I know this won't last forever, and once she starts eating solids she will be able to go longer between meals. Plus, I like that she needs me so much. :)

We were able to go visit my family for Christmas and I am so glad we did. I hadn't seen my family since I got married (minus my mom of course). It was Penny's first flight and she did well considering. She slept most of the time, and only cried a little bit. The security people got to see her right after she woke up, so she was squeaking and smiling at them the whole time. She is the absolute happiest when she just wakes up from a nice long sleep. Everyone we passed just smiled at Penny and told us how cute she is. I wanted to say, "Oh I know." But I just thanked them instead. :) 

Here is Penny, fast asleep on the plane. It was nice to cuddle her for those three hours.

I'm glad my family was able to meet Penny. They are so wonderful for coming to the airport and picking us up, feeding us, and letting us stay with them. My dad especially! Love you all!

It is nice to be home, sleeping in our own bed though. Penny is starting to grab things (letting them go still evades her) and she loves drooling on anything and everything. She rolled over 3 times when we visited Freeport, but she hasn't since then-- she gets lazy. :) I am so grateful for her sweet little spirit and I am grateful I get to take care of her, even though it gets hard to feel that way when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Still, those moments I know I will miss once she is grown up. This leads me to the next thing that has been on my mind: motherhood.

Honestly, I feel like I was born to be a mother. It just feels natural and right-- I'm not saying I am perfect at it by any means-- trust me, I have a lot to learn. But I can see how Heavenly Father's plan is centered on the family. It brings me true happiness when I am with my husband and daughter. When I see Scott playing with Penny, telling her how much he loves her, and seeing her light up when he talks to her, my heart melts with overwhelming joy. She gets so excited when he comes home; she squeaks and squeals with delight, and I am so glad that she loves her daddy. And I am so glad that he loves her, isn't scared to change diapers, and takes a huge part in caring for her. Sometimes it is only daddy that can get her to sleep when she is really worked up, and I am okay with that. I am so grateful I married a man who loves me and his daughter above all else (even though the 49ers are close-- haha). He always wanted a family, and I am happy that I could help him reach his biggest goal. Sometimes I get pretty irritated when I don't get enough sleep, which is all the time, so I am thankful he is so patient with me. There is no one I would rather be raising children and spending my life journey (and eternity) with. Okay, I think that is all I have to say about that. I love my little family.

A snippet from Scott:
And here is Penny at her best, cheering on the 49ers. In lieu of it being the New Year and playoff time, we would like to ask everyone for their sincere thoughts and prayers in helping Kaepernick guide us (49ers) to a victory in Super Bowl XLVIII and our 6th Super Bowl victory.

Friday, October 18, 2013

What I am thankful for

This week marked Penny's sixth week in this world. These past six weeks have been crazy-- getting little to no sleep makes time go by so fast. I can't believe how big our baby girl is getting... clothes that used to be way too big for her are just the right size or even too small. All I can say is, I better be getting ripped from carrying her around all the time.

There have been a few nights when she has slept for five or six hours in a row, but it definitely isn't a pattern. Those nights are absolutely amazing though. It is funny how getting five hours of sleep in a row can be so exciting. Even though little Penny likes staying awake until midnight and doesn't sleep through the night, she is so worth it. Now I would like to express my appreciation for all the people in Penny's life.

The past few days I have realized how many people love Penny. She is so lucky to have so many people that care about her so much. When our friends come over, they love holding her and making her smile. She also has wonderful grandparents who find every excuse to come by and see her. Any time I post pictures on Facebook, there are aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and others that comment and express their love for this special little girl. I am so glad for the support system and love that she has.

I also have gained a great appreciation for my parents. Taking care of a baby is rough, but I couldn't imagine taking care of twins. My dad always tells me how my sister and I were on different schedules, and my mom tells me how she doesn't remember a lot from my baby-hood because the lack of sleep. I've heard that parenthood is the most selfless thing you can do; I definitely believe that. It is completely exhausting with just one baby. My parents= awesome.

On another note, Scott is almost half way done with this semester. I can't believe it is already almost half way through! He is taking some pretty hard core classes, and luckily so far he isn't feeling too overwhelmed. I know his work load will increase as the semester progresses, however, so that won't last long. I am so grateful he is such a hard worker and is so dedicated to providing for our little family.

Again, I can't believe how fast Penny is growing; I miss her being a little brand new baby, but I am excited to watch her grow up. She is so sweet and I just love her so much!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

And a new chapter begins.

So a lot has happened since I last posted... Penny made her grand entrance into the world. Here is one of the last pictures of me pregnant... obviously enjoying a contraction.
This is how it happened: my water broke on Monday-- but it was more of a slow trickle. I wasn't sure if that is what it was, so late Monday night we went in to labor and delivery just in case. Scott was at work, so I called him to let him know. He came home immediately, extremely excited. The first thing he said was, "Okay let's go become parents!" I wasn't moving fast enough for him apparently. When at the hospital, they confirmed that my water had indeed broken, and I was admitted. That night was probably the worst night of sleep I've ever gotten-- if I even slept at all. Between contractions and nurses coming in every 20 minutes, Scott and I didn't sleep at all.

Long story short, I was induced in the morning because I wasn't progressing fast enough (and the risk of infection was higher since my water broke). When the Pitocin kicked in, I definitely felt it. Finally it was time to start pushing, and I gave it my all. Scott was there the entire time, being a wonderful support. It was fun seeing how excited he was that it was only a matter of time and he would be a dad.

After only 30 minutes, Penny came into the world. She cried for about 15-20 seconds, and then she just hung out on my chest, looking around. She hasn't stopped being this chill-- she is such a great baby! She was 7 pounds, 13 ounces and 21 inches long. Born at 2:04 PM on September 3, 2013. She has a little bit of peach fuzz... not the full head of hair I was hoping for. People told me since I experienced a ton of heartburn, she was more likely to have hair. Liars. It's okay though; I love her bald little head just as much.

We went home the next day, about 24 hours after Penny was born. My whole body hurt for a few days afterward... labor and delivery is hard work! Penny is completely healthy, even though she had a problem with jaundice for a few days. Now she is fine. At 18 days old, she is the sweetest little baby girl anyone could ask for.

Above is the day after she was born, still in the hospital. Below is when we were coming home.

Scott was able to take almost a full week off from work which was way nice. My mom left the Sunday after Penny was born, so then we were on our own.

 They say that having a child changes everything, and how right they were. I always heard that, but I don't think I understood until now. My whole life is changed. Never again will it just be me and Scott. We will always have someone that we constantly worry about and care for. We are responsible for raising a little human, a little child of God. We are responsible to teach her and care for her. It is a little overwhelming, and I am surprised that Heavenly Father has trusted us with one of his sweet children. I feel inadequate, but no parent ever has been perfect, so I hope I won't disappoint.

Motherhood so far has been grand, even though it can be frustrating at times. I love my sleep, and I get a wee bit irritated with everyone and everything when I don't get enough of it. Don't worry, though; I am slowly adjusting. I just wish I never had to sleep. Then I would get so much done. Scott has been wonderful at being patient with irritated, sleep-deprived me and fussy Penny. He is a great daddy already, and I know that will continue. Being a dad is, after all, what his 5-year-old self wanted to be more than anything. I've fulfilled his lifelong dream. You're welcome, Scott. :)

These moments make all the sleepless nights worth it though. It is amazing how you can love something so little and helpless so quickly and so much.

I love being a mom, even though I still feel like I am too young to be a parent. I'm not sure it will ever seem real. Maybe once I have other kids it will sink in-- we shall see. Hopefully I will find time to post in this more often now that I am getting used to being a mom and having no free time. Until next time, my friends.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Still married (hooray!) and still pregnant (booooo).

So the past few weeks have been really laid back and enjoyable... I am not doing much but taking long walks and going to doctor appointments. Scott is just working and coming home. Life is not too stressful right now, which is good because I know it will get pretty hectic here in the next couple weeks. When Scott comes home I usually have some sort of dinner made--if I am ambitious-- and we watch the show, Psych. It is a hilarious show about a "psychic detective" who isn't really a psychic or detective at all. If you've never seen it, you should watch it. Seriously, one of the funniest shows ever. Even though I usually get tired and fall asleep during some episodes, I would give it five stars. I'd be paying attention to it more if I wasn't so exhausted from growing a baby. We have also taken to playing Wii Sports on the Wii. Our favorite games are tennis and golf. I don't think I've won even once, but I still really enjoy it. Scott always gives me tips on playing video games because I am awful at them.... what a sweet guy, since I am his opponent and everything :)

Saturday, August 17th, we celebrated our first anniversary. It is hard to believe that we have already been married a year. Time has just flown. I'm glad I didn't go into labor that early because we were able to celebrate together. Scott came home from work Friday night (technically Saturday morning) and brought me flowers. We stayed up a little bit exchanging gifts and talking about the past year. He got me an oil diffuser: something I had wanted for a while. I got him some really nice 49er basketball shorts.

 In the morning, we got up and went to do sealings at the Idaho Falls temple.  The temple was packed since the Rexburg temple is closed right now for cleaning. There were at least three weddings going on and no parking spaces whatsoever. Anyway, we did sealings to remind ourselves of what we promised each other a year ago. It was really sweet and we decided we want to do sealings every year for our anniversary.

After the temple, we went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was delicious. I'm pretty sure I gained at least 5 pounds there.

We came home after that and just hung out watching Netflix. It was a lovely day.
This is us after we came home from Idaho Falls.

Oh! We also took our wedding cake out of the freezer--it had been there a year-- and took bites of it. The frosting was gross since it was just wrapped in saran wrap, but once you got to the inside, it was actually tasty. I took a few bites, but Scott could only take one. Overall, it was a great anniversary and I am so glad that we have eternity to spend together.

Like the title states, I am still pregnant. This is fine (I guess) but I feel like I will never go into labor since I've been wanting it for the past couple weeks. I am 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant... almost the full 40 weeks. I don't want to complain because honestly its not too bad--I just want to be able to reach my feet, sleep on my stomach, and eat as much tuna as a want. Even though I am rather uncomfortable, it isn't unbearable and I am grateful I haven't felt worse. Plus, I will miss pulling the pregnancy card for any excuse I need. I will miss this special treatment.

We are just getting impatient-- Scott especially. He has waited almost 9 months to hold his little girl, and I'm sure it is frustrating. The other day he told me he felt like I was no closer to giving birth than I was 8 months ago-- I definitely disagree though :) Of course, I am the one who is carrying around another human being, about ready to pop. 

I have been keeping our apartment extra clean just in case Penny decides to show. We have everything we need, and now we are just waiting. This might be the worst part of pregnancy! Minus the whole morning (all day) sickness. That was awful. But the anticipation is killing us. Hopefully it happens soon... which it will, but it just doesn't feel like that.